The Attorney’s Dashboard

A Secure Portal to Receive Attorney-Client Privileged Information, and a Pain and Suffering Calculator to Maximize General Damages

Accessible from any web browser, attorneys can instantly view data in the Attorney Dashboard. Here, data can be evaluated, annotated, and valued. Data and reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including word files, Excel files, and PDFs, and presented demonstratively with built-in charts and graphs.

The Damages Genie™, attorney dashboard core features include:

  • Receive client’s non-economic damages data in electronic format on a daily basis for all your cases in one place
  • Review and annotate client’s private attorney-client communications reporting of daily emotional distress, pain and suffering
  • Review client’s mood data based on non-economic damages CACI jury instruction and other descriptive language
  • Review client’s daily pain chart
  • Review client’s documented ongoing trauma
  • Review client’s missed events, including work, school and special events
  • Collect documents, photos and videos
  • Assign monetary values to data
  • Export data as word documents, Excel files, and PDFs
  • Create and export compelling demonstrative reports, charts and graphs

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