Having challenges proving emotional distress damages in your cases?

Capture, Value, and Present Non-Economic Damages with Damages Genie:
A software solution created by a top trial lawyer to help plaintiff’s attorneys achieve maximum justice.

Capture more client emotional distress information than you ever imagined possible.

Damages Genie™ is a one-of-a-kind communication tool for plaintiff’s attorneys and their clients that uses state-of-the art technology to capture, value, and present non-economic damages in all types of personal injury, sexual abuse, and employment litigation.

App for plaintiffs now available in Spanish on iOS and Android devices.

Analyze, manage, annotate, and value your clients’ non-economic damages data.

From any web browser, attorneys can access the Attorney’s Dashboard to manage clients’ non-economic damages data; all cases in one place.

  • Receive attorney-client communications about daily emotional distress
  • Receive client mood data using CACI jury instruction and other descriptive language
  • Receive daily pain data
  • Collect documents, photos and videos
  • Assign monetary values to data, and more

Present data in a number of file formats and create and export demonstrative reports.

Damages Genie™ provides the ability to export data as word documents, Excel files, and PDFs. Create and export Genie Reports™; well-designed, compelling presentations for settlement conferences, mediation briefs and trials.

Click on the YouTube video above to learn more about the Damages Genie™ mobile app and software solution.


Genie Harrison Damages Genie founder

“I want to help as many people as I possibly can, through my software solutions for plaintiff attorneys and my apps for victims.”

— Genie Harrison, trial attorney and founder of Damages Genie

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