Having challenges proving emotional distress damages in your cases?

Capture, Value, and Present Non-Economic Damages with Damages Genie:
A software solution created by a top trial lawyer to help plaintiff’s attorneys achieve maximum justice.

Capture more client emotional distress information than you ever imagined possible.

Damages Genie™ is a one-of-a-kind communication tool for plaintiff’s attorneys and their clients that uses state-of-the art technology to capture, value, and present non-economic damages in all types of personal injury, sexual abuse, and employment litigation.

App for plaintiffs now available in Spanish on iOS and Android devices.

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Analyze, manage, annotate, and value your clients’ non-economic damages data.

From any web browser, attorneys can access the Attorney’s Dashboard to manage clients’ non-economic damages data; all cases in one place.

  • Receive attorney-client communications about daily emotional distress
  • Receive client mood data using CACI jury instruction and other descriptive language
  • Receive daily pain data
  • Collect documents, photos and videos
  • Assign monetary values to data, and more
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Present data in a number of file formats and create and export demonstrative reports.

Damages Genie™ provides the ability to export data as word documents, Excel files, and PDFs. Create and export Genie Reports™; well-designed, compelling presentations for settlement conferences, mediation briefs and trials.

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Genie Harrison Damages Genie founder

“I want to help as many people as I possibly can, through my software solutions for plaintiff attorneys and my apps for victims.”

— Genie Harrison, trial attorney and founder of Damages Genie

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