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The Client’s Smartphone and Smartwatch App

A Safe Place for Clients to Document Their Pain and Suffering

For clients, the app is a direct portal for client-attorney communication about mood, pain, emotional distress, events, and other human damages.

With Damages Genie™, clients can instantly:

  • Type or dictate attorney-client communication entries (dictated entries are automatically transcribed)
  • Securely send attorney-client communication entries to their attorney(s)
  • Enter mood data using 50 descriptive words (that are derived from and can be used in CACI’s and special non-economic damages jury instructions)
  • Log physical pain using standard pain chart
  • Document missed work, school, or special events
  • Document ongoing trauma
  • Attach photos, videos, and documents
  • Enter expenses
  • Receive reminders on mobile device or Apple Watch

Damages Genie legal app screens

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